Option to approve, show it consistently for Unapproved expenses

Idea suggested by Darren Green 9 years ago

When I navigate to Expenses, Unapproved it doesn't show the check boxes to approve. If I select a person it does. It took me ages to work this out. I kept going to Expenses, All, and clicking on a number in Unapproved receipts. It seems a strange UI, what I think of as the same page (with or without a person filter) behaves differently depending on how I access it.

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Yes, absolutely agree - took me ages to work this out!

Hi Darren and Martin,

Thank you for the suggestion!

It seems that this feature has now been added, if you go to Purchases > Expenses > List of Expenses, you are able to check the tickboxes and hit the 'Approve' button to approve multipled invoices at once, please see below: file

Thanks, Tommy

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