Allow Monday to be set as first day of the week.

Idea suggested by Christophe Lamarliere 8 years ago

Ability to set Monday as first day of the week on date picker and dashboard calendar.

Most calendar software has this setting and if like me you have your calendars set like this, it is very easy to start picking wrong dates when creating invoices or adding payments etc.

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Yes! Having Sunday as the first day of the week is terrible, all of us using ClearBooks can't get used to it because it's so backwards for us.


This has been implemented into the system.



That's better I agree. Can you do the same for timesheets?

Hello David,

Which part of the time tracking are you referring to? Do you have a screenshot please. I checked on the time tracking date fields and all of them are already set to Monday as a default.


You're right - I should have been more explicit. I mean in "Timesheets weekly view". I'm trying to attach a screenshot here:


Hello David,

I will need to add this to a list of things to do on our development meeting. The changes have only been made for the form itself and not the list of it.


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