Customer and supplier balances on the dashboard

Idea suggested by Ros Northmore 8 years ago

Please can the balances showing on the dashboard for customers and suppliers, and the lists of unpaid invoices and bills, allow for unallocated credit notes and receipts/payments on account, so that they match the aged debtors and creditors reports.


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Thanks Chris.

As you're the first person to make any comment about this in 2 months I doubt that anyone else is going to 'like' it!!

i still think that the balance showing on the dashboard for customer and supplier balances and described as 'unpaid invoices/bills' should be correct and properly reflect unallocated payments on account or credit notes. It is very misleading at the moment.

Perhaps you would still mention this to the developers. I'm sure Adrian Clay thought that this was a fairly simple thing to do when we met him and Tim in April.

Thanks Ros,

Now this post is in the ideas section it is more likely to be viewed by others, so should gain more attention.

I will pass this on to the relevant people and see what they say regarding whether it has been considered yet.


Hi Ros,

Thank you for the idea, I am so sorry it has taken this long to get back to you. You can already personalise our Dashboard by clicking on the Customise Dashboard Tab at the bottom of the page. This allows you to see/not see whatever you choose. If you cannot add what you want, and others think it is a good idea and support it, our developers will be informed and may be able to implement something in the future. The more likes and comments this idea receives the more likely it is to be prioritised.



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