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Idea suggested by Michael Beaver 9 years ago

Unless I'm missing something, we can list all purchase orders, but there is no filter to show only the open purchase orders. One of my clients today almost chose to go to another software package as this was important to them. I managed to turn them around, but this would appear to be a fairly simple change?

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Hi Michael, Purchase Orders can be viewed in two ways on the system: by client and by date range. there is currently no filter to view just the open PO's, you are quite right! I can see that this would be a good idea and would make it easier to differentiate between the PO's on the account, however. Now that it is listed as an idea other users will be able to comment and vote upon your suggestion and this will give our developers a clearer idea of how popular/useful it is and how it can be implemented. The more votes and comments received the sooner this idea will be prioritised by our team.

Many Thanks


That would certainly be a useful feature.

When we report on a project PnL we like to make sure that there are no outstanding purchase ledger invoices. It is not uncommon for supplier to send in invoices late or for them to go astray. Being able to filter/view PO that have not been converted into a bill would be useful as it would highlight any missing invoices and ensure the project reporting is correct.

Yes, Purchase orders that work in a similar way to sales orders would be great. Then I can see what is outstanding for delivery, what has to be invoiced and what has been delivered and not invoiced.

This should be done so that you have the following options

  1. Created / draft
  2. Sent / accepted
  3. Delivered - with the option of partial deliveries
  4. invoiced

Thank you

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