Gross Profit Total in P&L

Idea suggested by Andy Gambles 8 years ago

The Profit and Loss seems to be missing a Gross Profit Total. We have had this in every other accounting software I have used.

It lets us see at a glance profitability as a reseller/retail business. Gross Profit being Revenue minus COGS.

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Hello Andy,

I do understand your issue. I can see that the figures are odd like the screenshot below.


Ideally, I assume the Gross Profit figure will go where that red line is.

I can pass this onto the developers as it makes little sense not to have it.

Thanks for pointing that out Andy, much appreciated.


Yep where the red line is and visible in collapsed view.

Also the Total Expenses should exclude the COGS total in my view.

Hi Andy,

Yes. I think it should be Revenue, COGS to get Gross Profit.

Then list all the expense account codes to get a total of Expenses followed by a Net Profit. There should also be a differentiation between Depreciation and interest towards the end as there are rules on Interest and Depreciation.

I will see what we can adjust.


Vanish - what has happened in the last 2 months regarding this? It's quite fundamental in an accounting reporting package

Hello Andy,

This has been implemented now.



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