Removing 'payment method' as an input option

Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 7 years ago

I'd be interested to know if anybody actually uses the 'payment method' dropdown within Clear Books? By use it I mean ever refer back to it for informational purposes rather than use it at the time of explaining the transaction.

For me, i'm finding it more of a hindrance than anything else - clients constantly select 'credit card' or 'cash' as the payment method but still don't select the correct bank account from which to take it from (which is what's important after all).

I'd like to see the option scrapped completely.

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Hi Kevin - I agree they can be a pain, I tend to reduce the possibilities for each account to the obvious ones like bank transfer & direct debits to speed things up and I suppose you could just add your own and have it as the sole description?

To be honest, I had never realised that they don't seem to do anything, so would support scrapping or toggling.

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