Allocating payments to credit notes

Idea suggested by Martin Lee 8 years ago

Hi All

I'm trying to allocate some credit notes against a payment.

It seems that you can only allocate credit notes against an equal value invoice..

what if someone has sent in a part credit note? or I am deducting a credit note from a total payment?

It would be most helpful if you could select credit note within the "purchases > money out" part of clearbooks like you do with invoices

can someone explain if I'm missing a trick again


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Just to confirm, are you saying a supplier has given you a credit note and physically refunded you money as opposed to you needing to offset this credit note against a bill?


i'm trying to post a purchase ledger payment which includes invoices & credits..

it seems that the credit notes don't show up when attempting to post a payment in "purchases > money out"

hope that makes a little more sense :)

Ha, it doesn't really I'm afraid - the formal terminology is probably confusing me! ;-) It is a Fri PM too...

Could you explain the exact situation, with amounts etc and I'll try explaining how I think it should work.

Hi - I'll have a guess at what's happening.

Your supplier has sent you bills and credit notes and both have been recorded on the system? If so you first have to set off the credit notes against the bills, to do this view the bill and then, at the bottom of the screen you'll see the credit notes and this will enable you to offset some or all of them against each bill.

You will then have bills, net of credit notes to pay off but you don't do this via Purchases > money out (see below) you do it via the main money bank section when you explain or enter bank entries into each bank account.

Finally, if you do ever do get to the point where a supplier sends you a credit note and a payment (because all bills have been paid off) then you don't enter the cerdit note, you enter the bank receipt into the bank account using the Refund tab.

Both sales > money in & Purchases > money out are for payments on account, ie if you receive or pay money on account of an invoice or bill that will be raised later on. I generally advise people to steer clear of these sections unless they are certain each payment will match a later invoice/bill AND if they are not VAT registered.

Hope that's of some help.

I have had similar frustrations with this process, are there any plans to improve this process so that yo can directly record a receipt against a credit note? I feel as though I am duplicating work as I have to post the credit note then delete it then record the receipt, crazy!

Hi Tracy

I know it's something that often gets discussed but i'm unsure if it's actually on the roadmap just yet.

What's your exact process at the minute and i'll see if I can think of a quicker workaround?

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