Open Payroll - attachment of earnings and other deductions

Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 7 years ago

Just trialling Open Payroll - been told that to run the likes of a CSA attachment order I have to manually add it as a deduction each month.

This kind of thing should be a one time input only in my opinion, running automatically each pay run until it hits any cessation date as per the original input.

Moneysoft handles this kind of thing perfectly (see below screenshots), as I presume other providers would too. Leaving things like this to be 'remembered' (and calculated) manually really defeats the object of having good software in place.



I know Open Payroll's still in its infancy but i'd certainly hope something like this is on the road map.

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks very much for your idea. This will definitely be a great addition within Open Payroll. This will be passed on to our development team to consider for future implementation.

Many thanks,


I agree with Kevin too. Are there any developments within Open Payroll for this to be introduced for the new tax year?

Yep completely agree with Kevin's comments. It's extremely manual and time consuming without this funtion.

Will bump this whilst I remember...


We now have the pre tax and post tax deductions and additions which you can add to any monthly payroll and these have been updated to just the click of a button and, in many cases, a choice from a drop-down menu, but the idea of having certain things on the payroll as a default unless removed (dated duration) isn't something we currently offer, except in the case of maternity/paternity pay. It does see like an interesting innovation though.



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