Auto Reminders - date of first reminder and manual approval

Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 7 years ago

Having just spoken to Vanish, i'm told 'send every X days' not only determines how often a reminder email would be sent but also sets the date of the first reminder.

I'd have though most would want a reminder sending within 1-2 days post due date to keep a tight rein on things. However, to achieve that you'd have to set the box to 1 or 2 which would result in further reminders going out every 1-2 days - could get annoying.

Idea would be to have two date options; one to state when the initial reminder should go out, the second for the cycle it should then follow.

Also, and this is for all auto emails really, i'd like to see a toggle feature enabling emails to fall into a queue for manual approval. I'd personally love to use this feature myself but being a bit of a micro manager it worries me to think incorrect emails could be sent if i'm a day or two behind with the books.

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That's a good point Kevin. Thank you for posting this idea.

As with all ideas, it would be good to see how others feel about this. Though, as you say, it seems like something many users should be interested in.



The idea of having a manual step sounds great to me. At present, in order to use automatic reminders you basically need to keep your books up to date every day. For most small businesses, this is to promote inefficiency since batch processing stuff on (for example) a weekly basis would be more efficient. If, as part of this weekly process, you could manually trigger a batch of invoice reminders that would be perfect.

Even just the ability to manually trigger a reminder on a per invoice basis would be a step forward.

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