simplify payment allocation when payment is for one invoice

Idea suggested by Martin Briggs 8 years ago

At present, when you have a purchase ledger payment with the same value as your payment (and I assume this applies for sales ledger receipts also), once you have called up the supplier and you find the matching invoice, you have to :-

  • allocate
  • wait for screen to refresh (seems to be sometimes be taking longer recently)
  • scroll down below the invoice list to hit 'add' button

It would be much simpler if the 'allocate' button did this all with the single click.
If you feel a need not to permit this automatically, then how about another button - possibly popping up when there is such a match - which will offer this short-cut to allocating ?

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Hi Martin,

Thank you for the idea, this would make the explaining transactions process more efficient. Our developers will look into implementing this onto the system based on the support it receives from other Clearbooks users.


I'm in for this.

If the second click did have to stay, once refreshed have the screen refocus at the bottom instead of the top - think that's been mentioned a few times.

I am so frustrated. This is such a 'no-brainer' you should not need community support (even bearing in mind your natural commercial constraints), especially as I would imagine this is not an extremely difficult technical change to implement.

There is lots of this, waiting for the page to refresh, scrolling down (you will know that Bank Imports are a particular favourite gripe of mine).

+1 for more AJAX

Hi Daniel,

Could you please have a look at this post by Kevin and reply with any further improvements you can think of?

We are dealing with easy fixes for the explain mechanism (and possibly bigger ones in February) so this would be a good time to spell things out.


Just been doing some allocations and am surprised to see that if a payment is for, say Viking Direct,and syas this in the narrative on the bank payment and we have Viking Direct in our list of suppliers, the software is really not very good at offering Viking Direct as one of the options for the explain when it is looking like a major contender. This would be much simpler than having to go and search for it in the list.

Hi Martin

Hope you're well. Wouldn't a lookup rule solve that?

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