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Either way - we could allocate budgets to projects or allocate projects to budgets, but right now the budget function in Clearbooks is not a usable feature. It would also be nice if the formating of the budget review page could be revisisted so that the titles (months, accounts) and the totals remain displayed even if one does need to scroll for the details between them.

Adding a budget for each project would be a huge benefit for us

Should have explained why - we are a project based engineering company. So being able to compare the actual cost of running a project, compared to the fixed price we sold it for (but haven't yet invoiced), is crucial for us to operate a successful company. More useful and relevant to the management team on a month-by month basis actually than the overall aggregated company accounts!

3 years that this request has been pending. One of the big advantages of Clearbooks I am regularly explaining is the rapid response when there is an issue.

Hi Peter and David,

There is a way to link a project to a budget once a project has been created. Once toggled in Settings > Organisation > Toggle Features. Then create a project in Tools > Project > Create.

When creating the budget, all available projects will be available to select in Reports > Budget as per the example in the following screenshot:


As I understand it, this allows to allocate a budget to a project, as you say. However, I have still not found a way to compare the project's budget to the project's actual expenditure and revenue. The project information entered in transactions appears to be ignored in budget reports. As a consequence, this function is not actually of much use in budget management, it is a place to enter data for information purposes only.

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