Explain mechanism - from statement to bank account scope.

Idea suggested by Roey Izhaki 8 years ago

So here is the user story:

  • I import my credit card statements once a year.
  • My bank produces a statement per month.
  • So each year I import 12 of these statements.
  • Each month has a 'card fee' transaction on it.
  • I would like to be able to see and explain all these 'card fee' transactions in one place.

And the proposed solution:

  • Allow users to see all the transactions that need explaining for a particular bank account (no statement restriction).
  • Allow searching for a particular transaction.
  • From here, the explain can be done either one transaction at a time, or using 'mass update'.

Any thoughts?

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i.e merge unexplained transactions split over numerous statements into one easy to view location?

If so, all for it, number 10 on my list! :-)

Well... Not quite as you describe it.

This involves a change in how the things are now. Sadly, I don't have mock-ups to show yet, so in words it goes like this:

  • Users have a 'mental model' of a bank account. So the bank transaction view becomes quite pivotal in the process.
  • When importing a statement, the system automatically filters out transaction that:
    • were already imported in previous statement uploads.
    • match existing 'manual transactions' - ones entered by the users, like in the case of 'Money in'.
    • are the result of an explained transfer from another account.
  • Unlike with the current system, once a statement is imported, the user sees its transactions in the bank account.
  • From here:
    • you can either hide unexplained transactions (which would yield the same bank transactions view as it is now)
    • you can show only unexplained transactions (and search them) - so this is where you can explain transactions outside the scope of a statement.
    • Needless to say, you can still view a single statement and explain only transactions within this statement.

I guess it'll be quite hard the imagine the whole thing if one is accustomed to the current design.

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