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Idea suggested by Asher Jacobsberg 10 years ago

Uploading scan of invoices, receipts, etc. is a great feature of Clearbooks, but I think it could be enhanced by linking it with Google Drive.

What I'm thinking of is:

  1. Someone emails me an invoice

  2. I click to save it to Google Drive (from within Google Apps - pretty widely used by small businesses).

  3. When I enter the invoice in to Clearbooks and click 'Manage attachments' I am able to select files from my Google Drive.

    This has the following advantages:

  4. Google Drive now operates like Dropbox, so the file can be instantly backed up to several computers and accessed offline.

  5. Files in Google Drive are fully searchable.

  6. Clearbooks doesn't have to do the hosting of the files so there's no upload time.

    You'd need some way to lock the file though, so a file that is attached to an item in Clearbooks couldn't be amened or deleted.

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Would like to see the reverse. Upload to google drive for invoices because I use drive for my invoices backup. This is fairly easy to implement was looking at it the other day for a client.

I'd really like this feature too. When I deal with my accounts, I behave in a similar way to Asher: emails come in, I save invoices/etc to Drive (in year/month folders) and then have to download the PDF then upload and re-attach it to ClearBooks.

PDFcubed does offer something similar, but it's a bit pointless: with PDFcubed, I can have it automatically import my Google Drive documents into PDFcubed if I copy them all into a specified folder, losing my nice organised structure and I'm them limited to 100MB of storage.

So: can we have an 'add from drive' function, pretty please? This'll save me (and properly a lot of others) a lot of hassle.

This project would also pay for itself (in terms of dev costs) over time as you won't need to save people's files in Amazon S3.

Hi All,

Thanks Justin, we are currently considering some different options for PDF cubed which will address these queries on this thread as well as other ideas, although I can't garauntee anything in the short term, but will definitely keep you posted once this has been finalised.

Thank you for your up most patience.

All the best,


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