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News posted by Theolonious Brady 4 years ago

Afternoon All,

The system now allows you to deallocate payments from invoices and bills (excluding REC, PAY, SRF & PRF prefixed invoices) unless the payment has been included on a VAT return. To do this click on a paid/part paid invoice number and scroll down to the payment history table. Click on the Deallocate link.


The payment will now appear on the Money > Unallocated cash menu and can be allocated to future invoices.


If the payment is allocated to multiple invoices, click on the payment ID (found under the payment history table - as shown in the first screenshot) and you will be able to deallocate part of the payment from invoices as appropriate.


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Hi Theo

I'm presuming that if the money was allocated to the wrong contact or is to be refunded, you can still delete as normal, rather than deallocate, where it would get stuck in "unallocated cash"?

Morning Paul,

I can confirm that this is still the case. Payments can still be deleted.

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