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News posted by Tommy Chung 3 years ago

Hi all!

As you may be aware, most large email providers have been making changes to improve the security of their services and fight spam. This has led to a requirement to use the providers' SMTP servers and perform additional steps to allow emails to be sent from Clear Books.

Upon further review, we have noticed that this has been causing some complications for our less 'tech savvy' customers. In order to relieve these issues and to further make Clear Books clear and simple to use, our developers have created a new way in which emails can be sent.

For all new customers, we have introduced a new general email address in which emails are sent from; to bypass the potential of emails being rejected by recipients. This can be found in the Home icon (top right) > Account. All replies will continue to be directed to the Organisation email address set in the Settings > Organisation > Details & Tax menu. For existing customers, you are able to amend your General email settings to

More details can be found in this guide

For customers who still wish to use their Organisation email address, you may need to either configure an SPF record OR use SMTP settings.

More details can be found in this guide.



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I thought I was "tech savvy" but I'm still left wondering "what?"

Hi Paul,

You can use either your own email address from which to send Clear Books emails (which is creating a problem with sending emails for more and more customers due to the external server use) or you can use the Clear Books email address which will send emails straight from us.



Thanks Aran.

I've just gone to the settings and home screens and I'm still as confused, I haven't played with SMTP settings for 10 years so have forgotten what they are and, as for "SPF", What The ????

I'm also struck that out of the 5 systems I or my clients use, CB is the only one to have thrown this up as a problem or rather provide a solution that requires the user to have detailed technical knowledge.

Wouldn't it have been easier to have found out how Xero, FreeAgent and even the grotty Kashflow do it, then copy them?

PS: My emails and those of my clients have always worked OK so, as and when we hit a problem, we'll contact support to sort it.

No problem, Paul.

This was only a problem for some customers who are mostly using the email clients listed in this guide. If you are not having problems then there is no need to be concerned and you can just continue as normal.

If you ever do encounter an issue with emails not being received, you should just go to the 'Account' page and change the 'From email address' to the Clear Books one. This new method is actually what other software providers use, which is why you may not have come across this before.

Thanks Aran

Just been to Xero's support page for email settings and not a SMTP of SPF in sight.

Anyway, not to worry , I can ignore it in CB

Hi Tatiana,

I've removed the screenshots to avoid sharing sensitive information with the community. However, I have passed this onto our developers to look into and will keep you updated.


hi, we are facing a difficulty confuguring the SMTP settings. I and following your step by step guide and copy-pasting our SMTP details from our outlook but the system still shows me error message that the port and server name configuration is wrong

Does anyone have any ideas of what I am doing wrong?

See picture of what I am entering. I have also tried entering 993

Hi Tatiana,

Are you able to try changing the SSL type to TLS and let me know if it works?


tried already various combinations including that

Hi Tatiana,

Would you be able to send the error message you receive to

I get the error

"Invalid SMTP configuration: Authentication failed: Password command failed" when trying to use own SMTP details.

I can assure you the details are 100% correct, though :(

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