Bank statement Mapping Issue

News posted by Aran Samaroo 4 years ago

Unfortunately, a recent change has inadvertently caused some users to have to remap an imported statement. We are really sorry for the inconvenience this has caused!

To see how to map an imported statement, please see step 4 in the guide below:

If you have any problems with this, please contact contact support and we will be happy to help out.

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Hi Bryn - I’m sure you won’t be alone!

With mine and my client’s I compared the new and original mapping’s to make sure the columns were the same. Have you tried that?

Thanks Aran

To expand on this (and tell me if I'm wrong) once users have created a new mapping file they will have two identical mappings, ie the original, that no longer works, and the new one.

To avoid confusion, users should delete the original and, unless it's obvious which one that is, it will be the one without a space between the account name and the bracketed account number. The new one will have a space, which is what caused CB to think there's a new bank account.

Technically you don't have to delete the old mapping as when you import and map again, the system will use the new one and the old mapping will just be ignored. However, for clarity on the mapping menu, it is probably best to just delete it.

The link above doesn't work - it comes up as page doesn't exist

Thank you Paul I have done this several times and the import is still not working as it did before, I get a statement imported but not with all the information needed. I will have to ring the helpline.

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