Announcement: Bank import rule improvements

News posted by Pete Jones 6 months ago

Clear Books automates your bookkeeping, while giving you control over your information. In addition to our AI-powered bank explain, Clear Books creates “import rules” to speed up your bookkeeping. With this release, you have more control than ever - if you wish, you can customise the rules before they are created.

Customise new import rules

If you want to edit your import rules before they are created, just switch on the 'Customise import rule creation' option.

Please note, this option is only available when using the new bank explain user interface.


When a bank transaction doesn't match with an existing import rule, Clear Books will make a new one. Before you save that transaction, you will see an option to customise the new rule. Click on the pencil icon to edit the new rule.


New view for import rules

The import rule pop-up shows the current transaction description and will ensure that any modified search criteria still matches with it, so you can future-proof your import rules with ease.

The action section has a more familiar layout, and when customising or manually creating a new import rule, it will be pre-populated with the current transaction entries too.


Use rules immediately

Once you have customised a rule, Clear Books finds all matches in the current statement so you get the maximum automation straight away.


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