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News posted by Roey Izhaki 9 years ago

As you’ll have noticed, our old Clear Books network has now undergone significant redevelopment which has lead it to be renamed as the Clear Books community.

During the redevelopment process, we have incorporated many usability improvements as well as a far cleaner, easier-to-use design.

As you’ll see the previous channels remain untouched in a clearer and more organised fashion. However we have added an additional News channel (which you’re currently viewing) to document changes, updates and improvements to Clear Books applications.

Watch this space.

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Great work team. I'm very happy to see this in place!

Looks really good - even I can follow it, well done team

Well I whinged about the old system, so it would be churlish not to admit the new one is much better! Particularly pleased to see the ability to attach files is now there, though users must remember to not attach confidential info. to a public post. Warning maybe?

Hi Stephen,

A very good advice indeed. We were fully aware of the possibility users will post sensitive data before the launch (by the way, such is the danger with any public site, images or not).

Currently we get notified on each new network post, and there is at least one person reviewing it within minutes of posting (inside working hours). We also have the ability to delete posts.

So currently we opted for manual moderation instead of warning users. So far so good, but if this is to become an issue, we'll have to put some guards in place. It's just that we rather deal with the problem when we recognise it to indeed be a problem.

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