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News posted by Roey Izhaki 8 years ago

Very few of you are using it, so this is unlikely to affect you.

Previously bills were rendered like invoices, with the company name and logo (of the business in Clear Books, not that of the supplier) at the header of the PDF document.

We had feedback from users, reasonably arguing that this should be removed. And so we did.

A bill now look like this:

a screenshot of a purchase document

The business itself is shown in the footer, but no longer at the top.

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Please advise before making changes in future, so people are aware and do not spend time cloggin up your support desk wondering aht has gone wrong. Also i agree with no branding by why still have it at the bottom? This is in my view a half step which makes no sense at all.

Hello Andrew,

The reason why it would be kept at the bottom is because of the use of Payment Remittances. If no address is included on a payment remittance, this could cause confusion on the supplier's side. Removing the header branding but having the bottom line would ensure that your company information is on there somewhere.

Hopefully that helps.


Hi Andrew,

Indeed, this should have been part of this week's weekly update. Apologies this has slipped through.

As for the bottom - this simply wasn't removed as this wasn't part of the user feedback that triggered the change. Let's see what others think.

Anyhow, it will be interesting to see if anyone can argue why the business branding should stay at the top.

By law, any company correspondence must display the company's name, registered office, company registered number AND country of incorporation, eg "England & Wales" and so, from what I can tell. the last bit is missing from the document.

Whilst I have never used them the only use I can think of for these details is when producing a remittance advice (ie the above document is of no use on its own) which shows the details of the payment just made against the bill but I've just spotted it has "Paid with thanks" printed at the bottom, in other words if I pay a supplier then sent them this I'm thanking myself for paying them?

Roey, unless there's some feedback pointing out why I need to tell a supplier I'm thanking myself, should we not lose this?

IMHO: By sending a courtesy email to your supplier (with "Paid with thanks") you thank them for doing business with you. A normal, polite way of communication i think. Otherwise the possibility to send courtesy emails also makes no sense...

Please replace the logo and addressfield of my company to bills, like it was before. Or at least give me a checkbox in "settings"

Hi Peter - in days gone by it was traditional for a customer to ask for a receipted bill after they had paid it and so the supplier would stamp the bill "PAID WITH THANKS" ie to thank the customer for paying eg:


ClearBooks is the only system I've come across that allows the supplier into the customer's books to see entries of their bills, and it looks silly for the customer to use their own PAID WITH THANKS stamp when paying the bill, surely, if they feel the need, they thank the supplier for the goods or service then pay them?

At the end of the day it's not life threatening and neither I nor my clients will ever use it so I'll go with the flow.

With regard to the Customer's name & logo though there have been requests to remove them from the bill document but if there are others who feel it should be retained they have the opportunity now to vote for it.


The problem here is that, because the purchase system is just a mimic of the Sales system, which is designed to send stuff to contacts (customers), then when you are sent the remittance email and you follow the link you go to the bill document in the customer's books whereas what the supplier really needs to see is a traditional remittance advice, ie s/he's not interested in seeing the bill entry in your books as a customer is looking at your invoice in your books.

Can I suggest therefore that if customers needs to send a link or a bit of of e-paper, in addition to an email, telling the supplier they've paid, then the document can be headed up "Remittance Advice" rather than "Bill" and would then carry the customer's name & logo.

This is how other systems operate.

And now "Paid with thanks" is also gone.... thanks ClearBooks! This makes that I have to change the way I work....

Paid bills cannot be sent to my suppliers to let them know I paid them and my administration on paper doesn't show if a bill is paid or not

Hi Peter

As mentioned above, and on your other post https://secure.clearbooks.co.uk/community/problems/9711/company-logo-and-addressfields-on-bill-not-shown-when-creating-print-or-pdf, the current "Bill" document was not suitable as a remittance advice and so CB are looking at generating a more suitable document to email to suppliers which, because it's your document, would be headed with your details and logo.

Speaking for me & my clients an email is perfectly OK, ie "we've just paid the following invoices" but I understand that some people still like to send e-paper as well.

So can you hold that thumb at half mast? :)

Hi Roey,

We are one of the few companies, who are sending out the Bills to our Suppliers (we work with charities) to show how much we owe them. And the ability to do so was the main reason we went with ClearBooks over any other accounting package. It is VERY important for us to have our logo and contact details at the top - is there any way you can revert this update?? Or perhaps make it optional?

Thanks, Victoria

Just to explain the above - we work with charities and raise funds for them, then at the end of each month we send them a Bill indicating how much money they should be expecting to receive from us. Having our logo and contact details at the top of the Bill made it easier for them to identify our company and provided means for them to easily contact us if they had any questions.

Because of this update, we have to go back to producing 200+ bills a month manually and can't use ClearBooks anymore.

More thoughts if company name & logo returned

How about using a different theme for sales invoices & bills, you'd have to default one theme you use the most, eg Sales and so pick the other theme for purchase bills.

In the appropriate theme people can choose to hide the name & logo and you can change the Paid With Thanks default wording (designed for invoices) to say, "Thanks for your kind service bill(s) paid"

Worth a thought?

I agree with Peter, but in this case it's for our expenses that I print out as part of our annual accounts information to hand over to our accountant. Okay, the last batch of expenses I did was last June, but still it was a shock to go in today and find our company logo and information not displayed. I might as well just use Excel then.


We're looking into providing a solution that will make everyone happy. We'll have an internal discussion based on the comments here and will get back to you with a proposal.


Thank you from me as well. Very nice when one's views are taken into consideration. Much appreciated!

We have reverted this change. Company logo is shown again on bills.

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