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Praise given by Richard Newstead 10 years ago

One of the things I find attractive about Clearbooks is the way in which changes are suggested by users and implemented (if they are good ideas) really quickly. Of course there are risks inherent in being at the cutting edge but as a risk-taker I don't mind that too much. In fact it is this very close link between users and developers that attracted me to Clearbooks when compared to, what I felt was a lower risk but more boring option of, Quickbooks Online.

Another factor was the UK-centric operation. We did try Xero but didn't like it. We also had a brief "affair" with TAS but their software failed to impress me.

Onward and upwards with Clearbooks.

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Hello Richard and thank you for your kind words.

What was the recent changes you felt were great in your mind? I can pass this praise onto the person who did it.


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