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Problem reported by Gordon Ramsey 8 years ago

The Dashboard is giving some unexpected numbers on 2 clients accounts. See screen shots below.



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Hi Gordon,

Do you have many unallocated credit notes on these accounts as these might be affecting the figures?

No - there are no credit notes outstanding - the Aged Creditors list at £13K and that is the figure in the BS. Problem only noticed today and applies to 2 clients. Look at the overdue amount on one - it's greater than the actual outstanding invoices.


Sorry I jumped the gun - there are Credit notes on the system, but these are historical credits which have been left on the system when the invoices to which they refer have been deleted rather than a credit applied. That explains the 2nd case outstanding amount of £84.33, but what about the overdue amount?

So, how do I write off these old credit notes that are left on the system?

Hi Gordon,

Credit notes can only be applied to unpaid invoices at the moment so the only way to cancel them out is to create two invoices for the same amounts as the credit notes and allocate these credit notes.

As for the amount overdue - which client is this for? This should link to the aged debtor report - there is an issue (being fixed right now) with unallocated receipts not appearing on the aged report - it could be related to this issue.

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