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Problem reported by Robert Albert 7 years ago


The 'Quick Pay' information appears to have been shoved much further to the Right and as a result I can't see/enter the information.

I use Firefox and Chrome browsers and the issue appears to be with both.

Kind regards


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Hi Rob,

Are you using the new beta version of Chrome?

Not the new version no

Would it be possible to send a screen shot of what you see to supportATclearbooks.co.uk? or paste it in here as long as there is no confidential info?

I've totally lost the ability to quickpay invoices!! Please can we get that back asap!

Using Chrome Version 43.0.2357.124 (64-bit)


Sorry about this - Hold Ctrl on your keyboard and press F5 (you might have to do this a few times). This should hard refresh the page which will bring back the Quick pay. If you are on a Mac hold cmd + shift and press R.

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