Access to VAT returns disappears after deregistration

Problem reported by Ros Northmore 7 years ago

I have a client who has always used CB for bookkeeping and VAT return preparation and submission. They deregistered on 31/03/15 so I updated the system to Not VAT registered via 'manage VAT schemes'.

Now all information relating to all previous VAT returns has disappeared and I can't see a way to access it.

If I'm missing something obvious, please can you tell me how to access this now, otherwise I think that you need to fix ASAP this so that access to VAT returns is available.

Perhaps there should be a 'Deregistered' option under the VAT scheme choices.

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Thanks Ros ;-)

Definitely needs fixing (but also backs up in my mind why I still PDF all returns to the client's' folder)

Good idea Kevin - we'll think about doing that from now on.

This is still an issue. Workaround got there but this shouldn't be happening. Got my fingers crossed I can still submit my return to HMRC

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