Silly bug with dashboard profit & loss

Problem reported by Rich Daley 7 years ago

I just noticed this silly bug with the dashboard "profit & loss" graph when viewing it on the 31st of the month, like today:


All the months with less than 31 days (June, September, November) are labelled as though they are the following month, so it looks like there are two Julys, Octobers and Decembers!

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Hi Rich

Agree that it does look silly !

I will have the front development team take a look at this on their return in the New Year.

Best regards


While you're there push them to stick things like this into Toggle Features, i'd love to switch all graphs off! ;-)

@Kevin I have a "Customize Dashboard" at the bottom that lets me disable any panel I like on my dashboard.

You can't get rid of the one for the bank accounts though.

It's only a silly thing but it's something I find (even as an accountant) quite distracting so I can imagine a fair few end users would too.

Hi all - my graph (and those of a couple of clients) is fine, it shows all months individually, however with some columns (on mine only) the 15 is in line with the month name (like Rich's) and in others it appears on a second line, with no obvious reason.

I tend to agree with Kevin, given how many times the devs have had to mess with them, I see very little value in cluttering the screen with bank graphs and and what I find confusing with the P&L one is that it has links to the Balance Sheet & Cashflow but no graphs for either.

I do however like the graph on the Top 5 accounts widget

For reference, it's the 31st again and the graph is doing the same thing as it did last month, showing the wrong name for all months that have 30 days:


I should note, following on from Paul's comment, that this only happens when I view the graph on the 31st of the month. The following day it looks fine.

(Although I suspect it might happen to February when viewing it on the 30th also.)

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