Payroll: Employment end date removes employee from the monthly payrun

Problem reported by Kevin Doran 6 years ago

I've got an employer who runs their payroll on the 10th of the month so we're processing now for 10th Feb.

An employee left the company on 29th Jan - the date has been added to the system.

The employee is now not on the list to process a payment for Feb, nor do they show up on the RTI submission as a leaver.

Am I doing something wrong?

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It would seem the workaround is to run the payroll first, then add the end date, then file the RTI.

I don't think that should be the case.

Hi Kevin - are you saying that, in this case, the monthly pay is paid 10 days afterwards. so January's pay is paid 10 Feb? If so then, as the guy left at the end of January your workaround works, but what if s/he left 19th January, you'd have to manually calculate the 19 days pay and override the monthly salary?

I agree, it shouldn't make any difference when someone is paid, you should process changes in employees first, before the payroll is run.

This will be even more important with AE.


Re the override; this chap was on hourly pay as opposed to salary so quite lucky I guess.

Another payroll anomoly it would seem...

To add, in case I misunderstood, I was able to add the correct end date but I had to do it after processing the payroll. It's as though the system will automatically scratch the employee from the payment list unless there are already some figures in there for him/her that month.

I wonder how many employees have been P45'd on the first day of the month through CB meaning no payroll figures and ultimately no leavers details being submitted through RTI.

I really think this needs looking at sooner rather than later.

I'm justing processing a payroll covering hours worked during Feb, to be paid 14th March.

There are 5 employees on there to be P45'd on 1st Feb. If I P45 them without 'processing' their Feb payroll their leaving date won't show up on the RTI submission which will potentially mess up their tax code going forward. If I 'process' the Feb pay [using £0's] their end date will indeed be included within the RTI submission but they'll end up with tax rebates that they're probably not due. Of course, said rebate should hopefully correct itself in the tax code at some point in the future but I don't think that's acceptable as it leads the employee into a sense of having more money than they actually have.

The only way around it is to switch them all to W1/M1 before processing - far from ideal but it works.

I doubt many others using the system would pick up on the above or the potential solution. I'd say it's a fairly big flaw that really needs sorting sooner rather than later. I can only imagine how many employers think they're P45'd somebody properly when they probably haven't.

Hi Kevin

I'm pretty sure this is because CB works on a tax month basis for pay months, ie if you pay someone up to 5th it's last month, but 6th it's next.

I think you may have to make this "official" and raise a ticket.

Cheers P

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