New PO style means you cant create bill in new tab MAJOR PROBLEM

Problem reported by Andy Miller 5 years ago

Another complaint and for me a serious problem. Not only dont you remember preferences set by user but now they have to reset it every transaction. i.e. to find a purchase order you set ALL and view 100. You then find the PO select CMD/CTRL create bill and instead of opening in new tab it opens in the same tab. This means when you have created the bill you then have to go back to PO then go through selecting all and selecting 100 to do the whole thing again. Who did you consult? Obviously not anyone who processed more than a dozen or so POs a month - Who tested this monstrosity?

This infuriates me to the point of thinking that we chose the wrong accounting package and should look elsewhere.

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Could not you at least give an option to go back to the opld style whilst you get the bugs out?

And new style PO also means looking down the ALL list you cant see who has and has not sent bills Are they real missing functions you could work on instead of messing with fiunction that works?

And new PO style publishes as a QUOTE once you save the file.

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