The new create bill/invoice screens are literally awful

Problem reported by Kevin Doran 8 years ago

Sorry guys, i'm not one to jump on the bandwagon but the new layout for these two very common tasks is so counterintuitive it's unreal. I thought it was that bad I turned the Preview off [which I never do] so forgot to give feedback at the time.

The boxes are ridiculously big [presumably to aid tablet use], there's bundles of white space everywhere [again, presumably to aid tablet use] and the nominal code box being off on the left is pointless and just confusing.

Stick a few lines on a bill/invoice and we're having to scroll for ages adding yet more clicks/mouse use to the process. Even with a single line I can't see the 'total' line without having to scroll.

Love the majority of what you do but for me you've got this one wrong. I can only think whoever signed off on it doesn't actually use those features time and time again day in day out.

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I agree. From looking at this blog post which just came out they are sticking with it but making tweaks

I strongly believe that this design is fundamentally flawed for the invoice and bill input pages and getting the team at ClearBooks to make a few tweaks isn't going to work.

But what do we know? We just use it every day and pay for the privilege.

This new Invoice is rubbish, my work involves selling a service which is priced according to the amount of work type of paint and many other factors so the same job can be several different prices, i am unable to type in what i want like i used to before in the sales field, now i have to add all my services (and there are a lot) as a stock item when clearly they are not stock just so that i can create an invoice, this is useless, why on earth do people change things when they are working anyway...not happy

You don't need to Graham, nothing's changed, you just fill out the description box below the same as you used to. It's just terribly unclear i'm afraid.

Thanks Kevin, i will give that just took me 5 mins to work out how to fill in an invoice, embarrassing when the customer is sitting in front of you...

I agree - the layout is awful!! ... also contacted support and they said:

Thank you for your feedback - I will pass this over to our product team for them to consider what changes may need to be made. The change was made for the benefit of all devices, not just touch based ones. Unfortunately this change isn't reversable but we are making changes to improve its functionality. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please let me know if this email raises any further questions.

This post is already within the most liked questions after only just over 24 hours in existence.

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