Subscription issues yet again!

Problem reported by Keith Charnley 6 years ago

Hi I got warning messages last week that I attended to and after yet another (after taking what seems to be the only route - DD) yesterday I emailed you. I thought I had paid for one year's subscription by DD (the only button that comes up) but we have still been kicked out.

Can you please sort ASAP. I am happy to pay by BACS right now, but don't want to pay twice.

Many thanks


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Sorry about this Keith - I sent a reply to this yesterday although it sounds as if you may not have received it.

As you were on the old bank transfer method it didn't switch you over to DD correctly. and so will not have charged you. The technical team have removed the bank transfer method from your account (and voided the pending invoice) which should now allow you to subscribe on DD on the subscription menu now.

OK cool - thanks - I did give you two years last time! Hopefully this is will solve it now. I'll have a go! Didn't receive your email in my inbox though through the magic of computers it might have transferred to a different email account. I'll give it a go and hopefully it will go ahead ok

"Your subscription has been updated! Switching from Direct Debit is currently unavailable

You currently have outstanding pending payments with your Direct Debit. The payment for these needs to be cleared before you can switch to a different payment method."

But I got an email from GO Cardless saying one is setup so I am erring on the side of it is setup

I pressed the DD button again this morning

Yep don't worry it all looks good now - the payment is pending (it takes roughly 6 days to clear) but you should have access to the account in the meantime.

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