No cancel button on add new supplier/project/account

Problem reported by Alex Lee 10 years ago

When I click on the green plus buttons to add a new supplier, project or account there is no option to cancel this input, where I've clicked on the button by error. The only way I've been able to break out of the form is to use my browser's back or refresh buttons which subsequently requires me to re-enter all data on the previous page. Is there any way a cancel option could be added to these forms?

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Hi Alex,

There should be a close link for these java pop put boxes to the top right just above the box and also a close button to the bottom right within the actual box. Which internet browser are you using? Are you able to try this out in either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox?

I use Chrome and there are no close options either surrounding the box or at the base. I have the most up to date versions of the Java RTE (version 7 build 1.7.0_15) and Chrome (version 25.0.1364.97 m). I also experienced the same issues when using Auroa (the Firefox alpha test platform) version 20.0a2 (most recent).

Hi Alex,

I seem to recall that you are using the new theme - is that correct? Anyway would it be possible to send through a screenshot to contact support and the technical team will investigate further.

It is John! It's not too problematic as I did manage to find a workaround pretty quickly, but email sent with screenshot so hopefully your tech team will be able to resolve.

Hello Alex,

I cannot seem to replicate your issue on any browser. Could you please press F12 before visiting that URL and let me know if anything comes up there?

Kind Regards,


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