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Problem reported by Mike Jackson 5 years ago

We seem to have the ability to send email straight from purchase order, we now have to download PDF and manually send.

We noticed this last week, can you please shed any light on this?

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Hi Mike,

Are you working from the All tab and trying to email a draft Purchase order?

The capability to email a draft PO was the result of a functionality having been overlooked. Previous to the navigation change, POs could not be emailed unless they had been completed, which was always the intention. The Manage button was then created, which meant that you could send a PO email, even in draft, which was the aspect that was missed. This has now been corrected.

To complete a PO, please click Manage and select 'Mark as complete'. You will then be able to send the email. It will likely make this area easier to use if you work in the Draft and Complete tabs, instead of the All tab.

That doesn't work for us i'm afraid, it doesn't matter too much we are moving to Xero from April after the all the issues with the new layout we had in November.

Don't you think it makes sense to complete the PO once it has been invoiced?

I'm sorry you feel this way, Mike. The way Purchase orders usually work is that you create them in Draft and once you are happy with them, you complete and email them to the customer. You then send out an invoice, once they are happy.

The way we have worked for the past 2/3 years with Clearbooks is, we create the draft PO and send it to our supplier:

Once we receive the invoice from the supplier the totals are compared to the draft PO and if it all matches the PO is completed then the the invoice is processed for payment.

To just make fundamental changes without thinking how they might impact your customers is exactly the reason we (and I suspect) many others will be moving on come the start of the new financial year. You did the same thing in October/November when you rolled out horrendous new templates (albeit after uproar they were rolled back) Temporarily I assume!

I personally did not want to move our account to Xero but I was outvoted within the business, looks like I was wrong and the correct decision was made.


There is a new problem today - not the one I reported before you cannot email POs even when marked complete

Whilst It would like like you are trying to bring some improvements to POs it is disappointing you dont test them first.

to be more specific:

With the latest changes to the PO section you have introduced a new problem today.

After marking aPO complete whatever email address you try and send it to it tells you it is invalid.

The to address is valid!

I don’t know whether the from address should have the “CL1” in from which is the account name.

Whilst I am pleased that you seem to be trying to add additional functionality to the PO system it is disappointing that you don’t test better before releasing.


Hi Andy,

Will you please email with some more information and screenshots, so we can investigate this?

I dont know what more screenshots I can send? This applies to all users on all devices It applies to both the ClearBooks and the CL1 databases we have. After marking a PO as complete when you try and email it ALWAYS comes up with the same error message. When this was reported to me I thought the person was not inputting the email addresses correctly and maybe pasting non printable characters. This is NOT the case!

Have you tried it yourself? it would seem strange if we were the only ones with a problem and this following what is obviously other changes (the icon column).

This is totally separate to Mike's problem which I myself emailed on a week ago (see that thread also). See also my other comments about improvements to workflow that could be made.

2 entries up I should have written "It applies to both the CL1 and the c-learning. databases"

Hi Andy,

Our apologies for this.

We have had a temporary server issue which was affecting emailing.

This has now been resolved and emailing should return to normal shortly.

I hope that helps.

All the best.

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