Problem deleting reporting periods

Problem reported by Graham Palmer 4 years ago

Hi there,

Your system is not letting me delete 2 of my reporting periods. Can you please help?

I only need the reporting period from 1 Jan 2017 - 31 Dec 2017.

The ones I want deleted are:

1 Jan 2016 - 31 Mar 2017 1 Dec 2016 - 31 Dec 2017

It allows me to click on the x, but then nothing happens. There is no error message either.

Kind regards, Dana & Graham Palmer

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Hi Graham,

I answered your previous post, asking that you raise a ticket so that this can be more easily logged. I have already sent this issue to our Developers to be looked at and I will let you know when I hear back from them with a result. Apologies for the wait, they seem to be going through an extremely busy period at the moment.

Thank you.

How do we raise a ticket as it is not clear how to do this.

Regards, Dana & Graham

You just send an email to and it generates a ticket. Please continue emailing on the thread when replying. I will attach your ticket to the task that is currently with the Developers.

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