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Problem reported by Derek Gillanders 4 years ago

I can't get this to work as once I've updated my details it takes me to a separate page that then asks me for a login to the ClearBooks demo site - this does not look correct and even when I enter my Clearbooks credentials they are not accepted.

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Sorry Derek,

The development team have made a quick adjustment - hopefully, if you try this again it should work. If there are any problems though just let me know.

Thanks - now working and payment details updated. Cheers, Derek

Hi I had exactly this problem and have been chasing Clearbooks for a couple of weeks about it. I am now starting to get replies but was asked to provide a screen shot, the person I spoke to didn't seem to understand the issue yet you have dealt with it here. As it happens I am now sorted but a little concerned that Clearbooks customer service is as excellent as it used to be in the past, I hope this is just a blip.

Sorry about that Hilary!

The problem I was dealing with here was with the switch from Fubra to Clear Books subscription. In this particular case, the developer was monitoring users switching at the time as I think it was the day we released this option.

I can see you have switched to CB subscription system today (as well as changing your pay frequency) so hopefully going forward your subscription should be all good. If there are any problems though just let me know.

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