PDF invoices have watermark on them from Photobucket.com

Problem reported by Amanda Sokell 4 years ago

We are unable to issue any invoices due to the PDF having a watermark requiring payment to photbucket.com. This is now urgent as we are unable to invoice without a hugely time consuming work around.


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Hi Amanda,

The issue is being caused by the custom invoice theme that you are using. The background image is being taken from the URL (http://i70.photobucket.com/albums/i95/_m1nu5_/AzaraFooter_zpsad9d12bf.jpg) which is what is causing the problem.

Who ever designed this theme added this line in the CSS formatting code, so this will need to be replaced or deleted to remove the message that you are receiving from Photo Bucket.

This can be done by heading to Settings > Configure System > Invoice Themes, Edit the created theme and head to the styling tab. You will notice the line of code that I have highlighted in the image below.


I hope this helps, Theo

Thanks - it was somebody at Clearbooks who designed it ;-)

I have managed to remove the reference to photobucket so the watermark has gone. I've tried to replace it with a flickr url instead as the graphic in question is the footer with all our address details on it. However it doesn't work. Is there another work around for the issue of 2 graphics on the letterhead?

Hi Amanda,

The link that you are currently using is a link to the web page and not directly to the image. You will need to get a direct link to the image for this to work. Also, i am unsure if currently, the image is the correct size.


As far as another work around, unfortunately, there is not. Most of the information that you are looking to display with this image should already be at the top. I'm assuming you are looking to display it a particular way?

Thanks, Theo

Thanks Theo - all resolved - I've resized and managed to capture the url to the image so it is now working.

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