Lack of mobile app and non responsive website makes Clearbooks look like a dinosaur

Problem reported by Ben Durman 4 years ago

I used to use the Clearbooks app which was pretty clunky but since it's been removed, I have had to use the website on my iPhone which is ok but I find the lack of responsive layout and mobile optimisation unbelievable in this day and age. The latest annoyance in a string of little annoyances is that I went onto the site on my iPhone 6S this morning to take a payment for an invoice via GoCardless available mandate. I found that the payment history section on the invoice (where I need to click to use funds from available mandate) is covered up by the 'Quick Pay' section. Come on Clearbooks!!... I've been a Clearbooks customer since 2012 and I'm paying over £250 a year, as will thousands of others. Surely development of your website and app should be a MAIN priority. Also... how can it take 5 YEARS and STILL no implementation of Stripe payments ( Rant over.


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Morning Ben,

I understand your frustrations and apologise for the unrefined experience you have had of late.

Our development team have been made aware of this issue.

We do appreciate your patience & understanding while providing constructive criticism that helps us grow as a company and community.

As soon as this issue is resolved I will update you.

Theo - did you just copy and paste that response? The development team need no reminding over this.

I gave up trying to use my mobile with CB over a year ago. As evidenced by Ben, it's false to suggest that the website is suitable to be used on a mobile and it's about time CB came clean on this, and to be honest about the chances of ever getting another mobile app?

Ben also mentions Stripe integration which you ignored. The development team needs no reminding over this either.

Because it had been requested and promised so many times, over so many years, this was, per the May 2016 Roadmap, the first of the new integrations you'd be working on. I queried the absence of any news on this on the November 2017 product update but again no response.

It is pointless spending marketing effort in telling us the great things you are going to do only not do do them and stay quiet about why you didn't. In other words, you'll go backwards in our estimation and cause users to leave.

Better surely not to promise stuff at all, at least then our expectations remain inert, maybe this is the reason why the last monthly product update was in November?

Morning Ben,

I am pleased to report this issue should now have been fixed.

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