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Problem reported by Mike Ellis 3 years ago

Is it possible to import item as part of a csv upload of invoice data. Specifically, the item rather than the item description. It is not an option that appears in the data mapping that I can see. When the item is updated post import all the values reset to 0.01, which negates the point of doing the import in the first place if you have to manually enter all the values again.

It seems that importing invoices is not compatible with the use of the inventory tool. The item needs to be entered in order to decrease the stock count.

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Hi Mike,

Importing invoices does just that- import invoices. To import stock, this support guide will help:

How to import stock items

Yes, further details that cannot be entered initally will need to be entered manually once invoives have been imported.

Thank you but I do not wish to import stock. I wish to import an invoice and have the existing stock balance adjusted according. Is this possible?

Ah, I see.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. I am sorry about that.

I will add it in with our customer suggestions for consideration.

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