Be careful using Paypal import. It misses USD transactions.

Problem reported by Paul Nicholson 3 years ago

Just realised my Paypal import misses USD transactions. Hundreds of transactions in the last 3 or 4 years will have been missed.

The team should be dealing with this as an urgency and certainly letting people know.

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Hi Paul,

As discussed, the PayPal integration does not miss USD transactions. Instead, bank accounts can only handle one currency at a time. Therefore, you must set up different PayPal accounts for different currencies and linking your PayPal account to perform an import. Alternatively, if you head to Money > Bank Accounts > Click Edit for the PayPal account > Click on the Settings tab, there is an option to convert the USD transactions to the bank account's currency by checking the 'Currency Conversion Handling' tickbox.

Once complete, please head to Money > Bank Accounts > Click Import beside PayPal > Then input a start date under Import directly from PayPal, this will manually trigger the missing invoices in USD.


Here’s the scenario and the pisser after spending all day yesterday completing my year end to now realise it’s not accurate.

When I pay for something and Paypal uses the bank account the money and transaction is recognised in the GBP Paypal account as a payment. So I put that transaction through.

If I have received money into the USD account and there is money in it. Paypal uses that account’s money for any new USD. charges. These transactions have all been missed. And there’s no way to make sense of it now with out being a complete nightmare.

I will add the USD PayPal account and sync to that. Although there’s no obvious sync button for setting that up either.

Really pissed off with this as I though for years this was the easiest part of Clearbooks just to find out it’s not accurate.

Hi Paul,

Ideally, a bank reconciliation should have been performed at least once a month. That way, it would have been possible to identify missing transactions. Regardless, by using the solutions provided, this will bring in any missing transactions to be explained accordingly.

It is unusual for one bank account to handle multiple currencies, even with PayPal, for multi currency, the are recorded under separate accounts.


I do it every month, but thanks for being so smug. Have you tried to reconcile a PayPal account with multiple currencies, PayPal charges and exchange rates.

I dumbly presumed your import actually imported the transactions correctly.

Hi Paul, ‚Äč

I'm sorry you feel this way, but I'd appreciate it if you refrained from personal attacks. If a reconciliation was performed monthly, these missing transactions should be spotted as this is the whole purpose of reconciling bank accounts. I understand the complexity with multicurrency, fees and FX differences. However, this should not prevent you from spotting missing transactions.

As previously stated, it is unusual for one bank account to handle multiple currencies, even with PayPal, for multi currency, the are recorded under separate accounts. Therefore, it would be conventional to set up separate accounts for different currencies.


Cool. Moving to Zoho Books now. Included with Zoho ONE and it just picks up all the transactions one time.

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