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Bank account loans

Problem reported by Stephen Moore 11 months ago

Hi there, I have a bank account set up on the dashboard which I use as a loan fund for helping us out with our cash flow while we wait for large invoices to be paid.

It looks like it has always been set up wrong from a previous user. I have to show it as "money in" rather than "money out" - in my mind it needs to be a minus figure showing a loan that needs to be paid back rather than an account with money in it?!

It then throws my overall balance out on the dashboard total.

Is there any way of changing this or would I need to start from scratch with it? Any advice gratefully received.

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Hi Stephen,

If the previous transactions are inputted incorrectly. You will have to head to Money > Bank Accounts > Click on the Loan account balance > Click on the figures that are incorrect then hit Void.

You can then reinput these transactions correctly by heading back to Money > Bank Accounts > Click Transfer beside the loan account where you can transfer money from/ to the business bank account.


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