CIS submitted via Clearbooks but not showing on HMRC account

Problem reported by Vivienne Frankham 5 years ago


I have been using CIS on Clearbooks for some time but have always manually submitted the monthly return via the HMRC portal. This month I decided to file via Clearbooks. I set up the account details as required and verified the relevant sub contractors. This seemed to work fine. So I have now completed and submitted the return via Clearbooks. Clearbooks has confirmed it has been submitted and is showing a submission receipt reference.

However, I have checked my HMRC portal to ensure the return has been properly submitted and it isn't showing. Is this normal? I have also checked the verifications and the recent ones that I have requested via Clearbooks aren't showing, even though Clearbooks showed the verifications as successful and fed back the correct deduction rates.

I'm now concerned it hasn't been submitted so am thinking I should resubmit manually. Today's the deadline! I should have done this earlier, but it's for my partner's business and I have a very busy day job so have only got round to it now. I'm concerned that if I file manually, HMRC will receive both and expect the payment twice!

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Hi Vivienne,

Would it be possible for you to email us at contact support? Further I would suggest checking with HMRC quoting the receipt ID in your Clear Books account.

All the best,


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