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Problem reported by Tomasz Byra 3 years ago

Good afternoon everyone,

From few weeks my Metro Bank feed doesn't work. Dose anyone know why and how to resolve that issue? I thinking about changing ClearBooks back to Xero!!! I never had similar issues with Xero before.

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Same problem so going to leave

Hi both,

We really do apologise for the inconvenience.

There are two ongoing issues at the moment. For the Direct feeds, which is connected through the Metro app, Metro bank have identified the issue with the refreshing of data and are urgently working on a fix for this.

For the third party feeds, these are currently down due to a breaking change made recently. Our provider have provided an ETA of February for the release of a fix.

If transactions are urgent, you can always manually import a csv bank statement which can be downloaded from your Metro online banking.

I understand this may not be the most ideal workaround, please do let me know if you require any assistance importing and I am more than happy to walk you through this.


End of February isn't really acceptable is it. We will also be going to Xero.

Hi all,

We really appreciate your patience on this matter.

Re: the Direct Feeds, Metro Bank has informed us that the production incident is now resolved and fully tested.

If you have not set up Metro Direct feeds before, please see: How to set up a direct Metro Bank feeds

If you have previously set up Metro Direct feeds and was impacted by this issue, you must log into the Metro app, delete and re-add the feed.

Re: the third party feeds, the ETA has not changed.



The feed still doesn't work. It's takes to long so I think it is time to say good bye ClearBooks and warm welcome Xero again.


Hi Tomasz,

I have taken a look, it appears you are using the third party feeds for Metro. This issue is ongoing, the ETA we have been provided is 15th Feb.

If transactions are urgent, I would suggest attempting to set up the Metro Direct Feeds via the Metro app. Please see:

How to set up a direct Metro Bank feeds


Is it just me or are we in July and the feed is still broken...

Hi Mike,

This is indeed true, unfortunately. We are still waiting on a fix from Metro and do not have an ETA for this I am afraid.

All the best,


Has the Metro feed been down for 7 months? I'm just doing the trial and have Metro business account so if no live feed long term that's no good for me.

Yep, 7 months+ due to an issue at Metro Bank's end...very frustrating

Hi both,

Unfortunately, the feed is still down I'm afraid. However, Metro Bank have provided a loose 1-2 months ETA for a full resolution.

We really appreciate your patience.


Assume the fees is still not working as trying a trial as moved to metro bank?

Seems work the metro bank advertise a reduced rate for clear books but it doesn’t work?

@Richard That would be correct, yup! ?

The issue with the Metro bank feed is outgoing issue for over 8 months now. We are still charged full price for our subscriptions where the most important software future dosen't work. We should receive our money back for last 9 months as we pay for the software which dosn't work. Where we can raise complain? Obundsman surely can help ?

Hi all,

@Richard, I have taken a look, to be eligible for the Metro discount, you must sign up through the Metro app, please see:

How to register and manage your Clear Books account from the Metro Bank App

@Tomasz, unfortunately, for the issue with the direct feed, Metro Bank have acknowledged the issue on their end who are currently working to a 2 month resolution ETA. The issue with our third party provider and Metro again lies with Metro Bank, our third party provider will not re-support Metro until they move to the Open Banking compliant technology. However, we still provide a bank statement import tool, but unfortunately these issues are out of our hands.


Hi Richard and Mike,

Yes, unfortunately this is still down.

All the best,


Metro link is still down. I get the distinct impression that Metro Bank are not particularly bothered about fixing this and we will never see it working again.

Hey all - the Metro Bank feed is now working again!

You'll have to delete any existing feed and restart from the beginning, and it should work ok now (mine is, for both current and reserve account).

(Thanks to Tommy for his recent support in helping me resolve the last few teething issues with the feed on Metro Bank's side)

No problem Mike! And we really appreciate your patience!


Has the Metro banking feed gone down again??!!

Hi Lisa,

No, there are no known issues with the bank feeds for Metro Bank. However, there are rare instances where the bank silently changes the account ID, in this case, could you delete the bank feed and re-add this please?


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