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Problem reported by Tomasz Byra 3 weeks ago

Good afternoon everyone,

From few weeks my Metro Bank feed doesn't work. Dose anyone know why and how to resolve that issue? I thinking about changing ClearBooks back to Xero!!! I never had similar issues with Xero before.

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Same problem so going to leave

Hi both,

We really do apologise for the inconvenience.

There are two ongoing issues at the moment. For the Direct feeds, which is connected through the Metro app, Metro bank have identified the issue with the refreshing of data and are urgently working on a fix for this.

For the third party feeds, these are currently down due to a breaking change made recently. Our provider have provided an ETA of February for the release of a fix.

If transactions are urgent, you can always manually import a csv bank statement which can be downloaded from your Metro online banking.

I understand this may not be the most ideal workaround, please do let me know if you require any assistance importing and I am more than happy to walk you through this.


End of February isn't really acceptable is it. We will also be going to Xero.

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