creditTerms input being ignored?

Problem reported by Merlin lyons 1 year ago

I'm creating invoices through the API. I specify the createdDate as the 1st of the following month and specify a creditTerms value of '30'. The invoices are being created with the due date set to the same day as the creation date?

Am I doing something wrong or is the API broken?

edit: Hmm, this forum doesn't like XML. Pasting image instead..


Also, invoices created via the API don't have the default bank details included. I'm guessing the "Default bank details to display" setting doesn't apply to the API?

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Hi Merlin,

I have raised this with our Technical team to investigate and will keep you updated.

For the latter question, you can specify the bank details to display with the invoice bankPaymentId request. The ID should be the account code of the bank account.


I've tried adding the bank account code via bankPaymentId - it doesn't seem to work.

Hi Merlin,

Our Developers have looked into this, It seems you are specifying creditTerms incorrectly in your request XML. This should also be the problem for bankPaymentId as well.

Instead of specifying these values as separate nodes nested within , you'll need to specify them instead as attributes on the invoice node (as per our WSDL specifications). So e.g. you'd have to do something similar:



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