Bcc not working on bulk invoice send

Problem reported by Paul Green 12 months ago

Am I missing a setting?

When I send an invoice using the "Send now" button, it populates the BCC box with whatever is configured in my global BCC settings. When I select half a dozen invoices from the list and click the "Email" button on the invoice list page (/accounting/sales/list-sent), it sends the email to the client but does not send the BCC.

Up until last month, this only BCC'd ourselves so we had a contingency copy of our invoices.. we've now taken to integrating Trust Pilot in to our invoice process, and as such clearbooks isn't sending out the invitation triggers.

If anyone has a solution to this, that would be great.. If it is indeed a bug, a fix would also be great.

Thanks PG

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Not sure what the process is on acknowledging problems that are brought to your attention.. but could you advise if this is a problem, or something I'm doing wrong?

Hi Paul,

Apologies for missing this. Could you click on Need help at the top right and send a ticket including your company name please?


And... nothing. No feedback to the ticket raised that I can see in my emails and the "fault" is still apparent.

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