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Problem reported by Iain Stansfield 11 years ago

I've been getting more and more concerned that I seem to be spending more time working on a particular project than the Clearbooks timer reports so this morning I did a test and set the Clearbooks timer off at the same time as the stopwatch on my phone and the stopwatch at http://www.timeanddate.com/stopwatch/. After exactly 3 hours on both stopwatches the Clearbooks timer had only 'clocked up' 1 hour and 38 minutes. I ran a second test this afternoon for an hour and the Clearbooks timer was only 2 minutes short of the other stopwatches.

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Hi Iain,

Mistake above

I have forwarded this on to the development team to investigate further.

Quick update. I have been running another test as follows: -

Stopwatch: 01:15:46.9 (1hr 15mins)
Clearbooks: 00:38:09 (38mins)

Hope this helps


Thanks for reporting the issue with the accuracy of the timer in time tracking - were you by any chance running the timer in a background tab in Chrome? Chrome throttles tabs in the background which could be what threw off the timing - That said I have pushed an update now that should resolve the timing inaccuracies no matter what the cause.

Let me know if it continues to present problems


Hi Tom, yes, I am using Chrome. I've run another (2 hour) test and the Clearbooks timer is now spot-on.

Thanks for your help

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