Conversion to Clear Books from other Programmes is too manual

Problem reported by Tom Trainer 9 years ago

To convert a ledger to Clear Books from another programme, I need to manually create new accounts and input the b/fwd TB and all the outstanding sales and purchase invoices at the conversion date; possibly fixed assets too. This could be an enormous amount of inputting. I don't want to do this inputting and it is hard enough trying to convince a client of the benefits of a new accounting programme without telling them they have to reinput all their outstanding sales and purchase invoices. This will make the difference between a client agreeing to convert or not.

Convincing clients to move to Clear Books would be a lot easier if there were import routines for the opening data. Maybe you could partner up with Ledgerscope to do it .

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Having said that about Ledgerscope, it would add a fair chunk onto the cost. Xero allows you to do it yourself (although I think you need to go to Ledgerscope if you want prior year transactions migrated too).

Hi Tom,

Thanks for this - the development team will be reviewing this process soon. Which kind of other programmes are you mainly switching from? We will be releasing a sage import tool in the near future (beta testing at the moment) which will help relieve some of the inputting from there. We have a Freshbooks direct import tool too and will hopefully be adding some more in future.

Hi John - Mainly Quickbooks, but a generic set of tools would be good, one for the chart of accounts, one for open sales and purchase invoices, one for the TB and one for the fixed assets. Won't it take ages to produce a specific import tool for each different accounts programme? I can think of clients I could convert now if I had the generic tools.

This says solved, but where is it solved, I ahve come across this while trying to view a clients sage back up, without having sage.

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