Keep being logged out!!

Problem reported by Simon Hill 8 years ago


It seems like every 2 minutes I am being logged out of the system and it is really annoying!

I'll log in, do something and then when I go to submit it I am instead returned to the login page and my changes or the invoice I was working on are lost.

It happens everywhere - not just in invoices. For example this is the 3rd attempt to submit this problem ticket! Hopefully hitting the 'submit your post' button won't throw me out this time.

This has been happening constantly since the change to the login on the first page - I'm an old customer and used to have to login via the 2nd box for 'customers signed up prior to....', but since that has been changed and we now use the main login, I'm getting logged back out all the time.

Any ideas?

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Is there any news on this please?

It has been 2 months now and I've not heard anything. It still happens every 5 minutes and it it SO ANNOYING!!!!!


Hello Simon,

Sorry for the delay in the response, we are looking into it now for you.



Clear Books technical team will investigate the problem.

Thanks for reporting this to us.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

All the best,


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