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Problem reported by Peter Lake 8 years ago

It does not credit the fee back to the Paypal account, so the Paypal bank balance is always incorrect and so cannot be reconciled. This is totally incorrect accounting behavior.  To correct this I have to manually credit the fee back to the paypal account which is time consuming and also duplicates the fee in the bank charges P&L account which I have to also correct.  If an import feature is provided - it needs to work properly.  

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Hi Peter,

I have added it as a new user requests on our Network module. Please add a vote and any additional comments to your idea linked below. The more votes received the greater the priority is given by our development team.

Kind regards,


Not sure why you've raised this as a user request when it is a product defect? I'm not requesting new functionality here Berhan...I'd like it fixed.


Hi Peter,

Sorry for the late response, I will move this to the problem section of the roadmap.

Kind regards,


Just to check before I do any - did the refund/fee situation ever get sorted?

It's marked as solved but I can't test it out at the moment to confirm as I don't have an import feed to play around with. Explaining Refunds on imported statements can't be split up into multiple transactions so unless there is some code specifically added for Paypal imports this may still be a problem.

It' did get fixed and is working correctly now. Don't use the refund tab though.

Would you mind quickly running me through the process Peter if you get a mo just so I'm 100% sure it's handling it properly?

I thought the refund tab would be a problem.

If you receive a refund you could update the expense account code to show in sales on the Settings>Codes menu and update at the bottom.


and also update the supplier to become both a customer and supplier and save


The contact will then appear in the contact list and expense account will appear in the account drop down list when explaining the transaction on the statement


When you click on a refund transaction on the PayPal imported statement, the fee refunded will automatically appear at the bottom of the screen. You then just explain the amount in the transaction tab as normal and add the transaction. Then click to add both transactions.

Perfect. I've been posting from my mobile for the last hour so couldn't check it myself.

Thanks for letting me know though, hopefully others will benefit too when searching for the same thing.

Thanks Peter,

Have a good evening guys!

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