Unpaid bills on the Profit and Loss report

Problem reported by James Benson 8 years ago

On my profit and loss report for this month I can see unpaid invoices but not unpaid bills. I only just added the bill but would presume these reports are instant so it should show but doesn't?

Perhaps this is by design?

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Hello James,

The main reason I think why they may not be showing up on the Profit and Loss is that you maybe using Balance Sheet account codes.

Anything on the Balance Sheet will not show up on the Profit and Loss such as VAT control, any Fixed Assets or Bank account adjustments.

I have tested it and this is the case. If you conduct a bill which is using a Profit and Loss account code, you will be able to see them.


yes that is correct, sorry being stupid! It was a plant and equipment purchase but thought they showed here for some reason.


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