P&L now shows pence - but makes the report too wide to be fully visible!

Problem reported by Roger Moore 8 years ago

The P&L ac now shows pence and has caused it to widen and disappear off the side of my page when I have it open on the right hand side of my large screen when working with another document open on the left. This is frustrating as I already have to reduce it to 90% to get the desired set up - but that works well - until now. 80% is too small. Can a toggle feature not be set up to allow users the freedom to choose whether they want the P&L or any management report to include pence or else be sensibly rounded to full GBP with pence available when hovering over an amount?

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Hi Roger,

This is now all done and the P&L is back to how it was previously. I hope everything else is OK for you too.

Regards Chris

Hi Roger,

Thanks for pointing this out. This is something I have just been made aware of and I am trying to find out what the reasons behind the change in layout are. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything.



Hi Roger,

Just an update. Our developers have already started to look into this and have identified the issue. They should complete a fix and have this resolved for you by tomorrow.



Thats great - I can see the appeal of having the P&L in pence but for as many as want it I'm sure an equal number may not for reasons stated.

Noted and understood, Roger.

I'll let you know when this is all done tomorrow.


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