PayPal Import not shwoing Items

Question asked by darren chamberlain 5 years ago


I'm doing my first import of PayPal sales to Clearbooks.

So far so good I have explained everything & since I used to be an accounts assistant (way back in the day) everything has been running nice and smoothly except for one minor detail.

PayPal when imported I originally thought were just unallocated payments but I then discovered they aren't; they are paid invoices which is fine. Less work for me but it doesn't display which item was sold. Which would be fine but clearbooks doesn't allow me to edit the item field.

Which I guess is also fine as I'm a web developer and I can just use dev console to remove the disabled attribute of the drop down so I can add the correct product and save it.

But it's a hassle.

So my question is does it effect anything if I do not indicate what item was purchased?

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Hi Darren,

I am afraid that the PayPal import will not recognise the stock item itself. The system does bring in the the transaction description, but it will not recognise the items themselves. The only way to get around this would be to create invoices and bills for each transaction and add in the items directly to the invoices and then explain the transactions to these invoices.



Hi Darren,

Have you got any examples I can look at, please? An invoice number and your account name would be really helpful. If you prefer, you can email these details to if you do not want to post them on the forum.



Hi Chris,

How would I get my account name?

Regards Darren

Hi Darren,

I just mean your company name.


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