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Question asked by Andrew Low 7 years ago

Is it just me or are other Clearbooks users now finding the system has now become much slower to use in just about every area and I find the help line is very rarely answered and problems listed through the ticket system are seldom dealt with correctly? Has anyone herd what is happening about the CIS reporting problem which happened in May 2016? I keep asking for an update and I never get a straight reply as non of the help team know what is happening with this.

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Hi Andrew and Ade,

I'm sorry you're experiencing problems getting through to support, it can at times be quite busy. If you would like to speak to someone I can ask a member of the support team to call you.

We are aware that some customers are experiencing slower page response times etc. and the developers are continually working towards improving this. As for CIS, this is in the pipeline for some care and attention, and the team are currently working on fixing defects in the system, CIS included.

I hope that answers your queries :)


Your response typifies Clearbooks at the moment apologies and vague promises but nothing meaningful. Out of interest I tried the phone line five times today and it was not answered once instead I just got two different answer phones. I have already been promised a call back on Friday last week regarding the CIS reporting problem in May and despite chasing on Monday and yesterday I have yet to receive a call. Considering my original post which mentioned a specific problem may i suggest it would have been a good idea to find out about this CIS reporting problem that Clearbooks had in May before just responding in a PR bluster kind of fashion.

In short of course I want to speak to someone, yes I want the answer to what clearbooks are doing about the problems I have been experiencing and yes someone needs to do something with the system quickly as at present it is becoming almost unusable and before you ask yes I am on fiber high speed broadband.

As you can see, some help and some actual answers are what customers want not vague bluster half promising to do better in the future although of course you have no idea when that might be. Why not tell us the dates that improvements are going to take place which will improve the system and the IT help department. Clearly two people manning the phones is not working.

I agree - CIS feature has gone downhill since three years ago. Website is ridiculously slow and support are sporadic with their (ironic) support. A Roadmap explaining what direction we are heading would be a start.

The phones are still not being answered and still I have not received a call back. I have gone public on this so everyone can see how frustrating it is trying to get problems resolved with Clear Books bearing in mind this occurred in May and this is now October and I cannot get an answers which will enable me to clear this up with HMRC. Hemi, can you get the helpline people to call me back with the answer to the CIS issue please.

If other people have such user experience problems please list your comments on this chain so that hopefully Clearbooks will be forced to do something about this.

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