wrong bank account chosen during bill payment import

Question asked by Enoch Daniels 5 years ago

Hi, I imported some bills and also imported bill payments but when I was importing the bill payments i chose the wrong bank account. Can i undo the bill payment? or can i do a bulk edit to change the affected bank accounts? i will greatly appreciate help on this. Thank in advance

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Thanks for the feedback, Enoch. I will make sure that our Product Team see your suggestion and they may well consider it for future improvements.

Sorry to sound blunt but nope and nope.

Did you make a back-up before the import? If so, you could restore.

If not i'm afraid you'll need to go into each payment and edit the bank a/c.

A bit of a git eh?! I recently imported a 350 line statement into the wrong back a/c and with over 200 lines already explained I can most certainly feel your pain!

Thanks for the reply. I think the development team should modify the bill payment page such that an account is not suggested to the user by clearbooks. In doing so a user will have no option than to select a bank account before proceeding to import. I understand if i was a bit more careful i would have seen that a wrong account has been suggested to me by the system but i think making the system more user friendly will help a great deal.

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